Water Play

[Two posts today, since I already did the Photo Friday post. I’ve been saving these photos to post about our fun in the water. We are going away this weekend to enjoy some time on Lake Champlain, so I wanted to get this posted before I’m away from technology for a few days. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new photos and things to write when we get back.]

We’ve been having some not-so-awesome weather this week. Very hot and humid, plus a lot of rain. All this means we haven’t been getting outside much. I’ve been managing to get us out for a walk still most mornings, but on Tuesday Lewis fell asleep before we made it out the door to walk, and it was too hot/sticky out to go later in the day. So later in the day we went out for some water play instead!

He kept trying to stick his face down in the bucket. "How do I drink this water?"

He kept trying to stick his face down in the bucket. “How do I drink this water?”

He played with the water a bit and put all his toys in it, then decided to crawl around for a while and explore the grass, watch cars go by, etc. He doesn’t like to crawl in the grass so he stayed on the walkway the whole time and I didn’t have to worry about him going too far away. After he explored for a while he eventually came back to the water to splash more and dump it all over the ground.

Bear Crawl! He doesn't like to crawl on his knees on the scratchy cement.

Bear Crawl! He doesn’t like to crawl on his knees on the scratchy cement.

Focused on something in the distance.

Focused on something in the distance.

We made it out to the library (for our last story hour session) on Wednesday, but then had rain in the afternoon. He was very excited about the rain. He wanted to stand at the open window watching/listening/smelling it for a while. He also wanted to go out in it. We went out with both of us having bare feet when it was just a light rain and walked around on the walkway, stepped in wet grass and walked through small puddles. We didn’t stay out too long though because it started raining harder. Mostly we just watched out the windows.

"This rain is so amazing!'

“This rain is so amazing!’

Today we had more “water play” with bath time. He always has a few toys in the bath and sucks on them a little or throws them over the side of his whale tub, but he has never gotten into really “playing” in the bathtub or splashing the water much or anything. He does like to bang his toys on things to make noise in his normal play, and today he tried to bang his rubber ducky in the bath, but got a big splash instead! This resulted in lots more fun splashing, and experimenting with his different toys to see how he could splash with each of them. It was fun watching him make these discoveries. Reminds me of how in my child development classes they were always talking about babies as “little scientists” who explore and experiment to learn about the world.

His water play also reminded me of another quote that I can’t seem to find. With both our outdoor play and his splashing in the tub he had a very serious, focused expression the entire time, with hardly a smile. But even though he was so serious looking, you could tell that he was obviously having fun and enjoying what he was doing. Somewhere I read a quote that is something along the lines of “happy babies don’t have to smile” or something like that. (I think maybe it was a quote by Magda Gerber, but I’ve tried Googling it and came up with nothing.) But basically the point of the quote is that sometimes we might see a baby with such a serious face and feel that they’re not happy or not having enough fun, and think that we need to stimulate them more or tickle them or do something silly to get them smiling and laughing, but if we just stop to observe them a bit we will see how happy and content they are in what they are doing and realize that they don’t need us always making them smile.

Of course, sometimes happy babies do smile too!

IMG_6235Since we’ve been cooped up inside more we’ve both started getting a bit bored and antsy (especially today since we didn’t get outside for even a few minutes.) It’s definitely important to be extra silly and playful and get some giggles going on some of the time so we don’t go crazy from the gloomy weather and being trapped inside.

Hopefully this weather clears up soon and we can get back to our fun outside play times.


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