Sleep Update

I’m happy to say that Lewis is still doing great with his sleeping! I’m seriously amazed by him every day. After I put him in the crib each night and he falls asleep with no (or very little) crying I keep commenting to Chris what a wonderful amazing baby he is. We are also making progress with nap times. At first when I put him in for a nap he would get very upset, stand in his crib, and cry for however long it took me to come get him. I don’t let him cry more than 10-15 minutes at a time. I know he can relax and calm down in less time than that, so if he is still crying at that point he is either not ready to nap or just has got himself too worked up to be able to sleep.

I’ve been nursing him to sleep and putting him down asleep for naps still, but it’s starting to seem that he doesn’t actually want to nurse to sleep as much as he used to. At night times he will nurse but then start playing around instead of getting sleepy on the breast. He’s done this the past few nights and at first I thought it was a sign that he wasn’t tired enough for bed, but I decided since it was bed time and we had done our full bedtime routine I would put him in the crib and see how he handled it. Even though he hasn’t been dozing off at the breast, he goes into the crib for bedtime without complaint and plays around a bit but is asleep within 10-15 minutes in the crib.

Nap times I nurse him to sleep and carry him to the crib. Sometimes he continues to sleep, but twice now he has woken when put into the crib and then put himself back to sleep. Yesterday was a thunderstorm and it was very dark in the bedroom from the cloudy skies. When I brought him in for his afternoon nap he cried for a few minutes, quieted and relaxed for another few minutes, and was fast asleep within 10 minutes of having been put down.

He has still been falling asleep in his stroller for morning naps, but today we went for a shorter walk than usual and he was still awake (but tired) when we got him. I nursed him and he dozed off so we went in to the crib. He woke when I set him down and decided to sit in his crib instead of lying down. He didn’t cry when I left him although I heard some slight cries/complaining sounds for a few minutes. Then he spent about 15 minutes playing with his animals in the crib and making some of the funny sounds he likes to make before there was finally silence coming from the room.

IMG_6246I am so proud and so impressed that not only did he put himself to sleep for his nap, he also happily played by himself for nearly 20 minutes! When he was very little he would lay on his play mat and keep busy for 10-15 minutes but it has been a long time since he will willingly play on his own for more than 5 minutes. At the very least he needs to have me or Chris in sight while he is playing or he gets very agitated and starts trying to crawl through the apartment (sometimes crying, sometimes laughing) to try to find us. It is wonderful that he is learning to be alone with himself a little bit!


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