Niska-Day, In Photos

Today was a little town-wide celebration called Niska-Day. It started off with a parade this morning, and then there was a fair for the afternoon with crafts, booths selling things, music, foods, rides, a petting zoo, and fireworks this evening. We almost didn’t make it to the parade because Lewis was having his morning nap, but luckily it is a very short walk to get to where we could watch it and we made it over in time to see most of the parade (and plenty for Lewis to enjoy it and see a variety of things.)

He had fun seeing all the people and the balloons that were everywhere, although we didn’t get a balloon for him. He also liked watching the fire trucks, the trucks and cars that had flags on them, the drums in the marching bands, and other random things like the police tape line near where we were standing. He started off in his stroller and watched happily from there for a while, then eventually wanted out and watched the rest in Mommy and Daddy’s arms.


IMG_6014We went home, had lunch, played, and had a nice long afternoon nap. Mommy napped too. Then we got ready and headed over to the rest of the events. Parts of it, like the craft tent, ended at 5:00, which was around when we got there. Luckily for us we still got to see the petting zoo before they packed the animals back into their trailers. Lewis was excited to see and pet a hen and chicks, several goats (my favorite animal!), and a sheep.


IMG_6035We walked over to where the rides were and Lewis was very interested in watching them spinning and seeing all the people around there.

IMG_6059Then we went and got our dinner. I had a pulled pork sandwich and Chris had pulled chicken. We also got loaded waffle fries. We brought Cheerios and some pear slices for Lewis which he enjoyed for a while but eventually he got interested in Mommy and Daddy’s food. We let him try a fry, which he thought was ok but not that great. He went back to eating his pear after one bite. He did keep reaching for the fries, but only because he wanted to squish them in his hands and drop them in the grass, not actually eat them.



After eating dinner we tried to go get some fried dough but it was too busy so we gave up and got fried pickles and kettle corn from some of the less-busy food booths. Yum! It was a fun busy day. Lewis did great with all the activities and didn’t get fussy or overwhelmed with any of it. He seemed to really enjoy watching everything and seeing so many new sights.




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