Sleep Regression And Other Goings On

We’ve been “busy” with every-day activities around here recently. I figured I’d do a random post with whatever comes to mind about our daily lives recently.

As the title mentions, we are hitting a period of “sleep regression.” It seems to be one of those things that is very common, and yet nobody warns you it is coming. It’s not until you are in the midst of it and go looking for info that you find out there is a normal period of sleep regression at 4 months, 9 months, and I think 18 months. I have heard mentioned that sometimes babies will have a hard time sleeping when they are learning a new skill, but I didn’t realize it hits at specific times. Lewis is just over 8 months, so this is the “9 month” sleep regression. The 4 month one lasted from 4-6 months for us, and at that point I didn’t know it was a thing. I just thought it was Lewis having a hard time for no reason. This time I can definitely understand why he has trouble sleeping. He is working on crawling, standing, walking, understanding language, waving hi, putting objects into containers, putting lids on things, eating new foods, etc. etc. I’d have trouble sleeping too with all that going on! The past few nights he has been crawling in his sleep and waking himself up when he runs into the bars of the crib. (I don’t think bumpers would help anything. He’s not crawling into them hard enough to hurt himself anyway, and he’d still be bumping into something and waking.) I’ve been nursing him to sleep again ever since he got sick and started teething, but we’re considering trying the sleep training again. Not sure how it will go now with him being able to crawl all over the crib and even pull up to standing if he wants to.

Teething! The first two teeth are getting bigger and bigger it seems. No real sign of the top teeth coming yet, although he seems to be acting like they could be soon. Lots of drooling and fingers in the mouth, but I’m not sure if he’s just getting used to the first two still. He is always running his tongue over them to feel them.

Weird photo, but look at those teeths!

Weird photo, but look at those teeths!

Next week will be the last session of our story time at the library. I’ll definitely miss it, and I think it has been good for him to get out and see other people, and have the chance to interact with other babies a little bit. I plan to still bring him to the library once a week to check out the books and play with the toys in the kids section. The summer session doesn’t start until the end of June, so that’s about a month with not story time. The summer session also has the advantage of being drop-in, rather than needing to register for it.

Lewis is extremely mobile now with his crawling. It is great because he is much more content to hang out and play by himself for at least several minutes at a time, but he also insists on continually crawling over to dig in the potted plants, grab Daddy’s game controllers, etc. We have a partially gated area so I can keep him more contained if need be, but we need to get a second gate to fully fence him in. I am slowly working on getting him more used to playing on his own and not needing me there constantly. He is very clingy and doesn’t like me out of reach. He’ll be playing nicely by himself but if I spend more than a few minutes trying to do something (like cook or wash the dishes) he just crawls to my feet and cries to be picked up. I have found that I can sit nearby to him and do something and he will stay happy for a while, so I can read a book, write letters, or work on my knitting at least. I also have been leaving him alone more often when I go to the bathroom or carry things into other rooms, take care of the laundry, etc. He’s happier on his own than he used to be, and knows that if he needs me he can crawl after me. The downside is that if I am away from him too long he finds trouble to get into, like trying to pull the floor lamps down on his own head.

You know it's a good play time when the floor is paved with toys and random objects! He has been working hard practicing pulling up on things and standing.

You know it’s a good play time when the floor is paved with toys and random objects! He has been working hard practicing pulling up on things and standing.

I guess that’s enough for tonight. It is past my bedtime and who knows how soon I will be back up with my sleep-crawling babe.


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