Pesky Pesticides

I don’t know what it is about this area, but people/businesses seem obsessed with spraying pesticides on their lawns. In the summer everywhere you go you see the little yellow flags noting not to enter the grass for 24 hours.

Outside our front door.

Outside our front door.

They sprayed here yesterday, and will many more times over the summer. In a way we were lucky since yesterday was cold and gray and I had no desire to have the windows open or to play outside anyway.

The signs say to keep off the grass for 24 hours, but I’m inclined to avoid it for at least a couple of days. The sprayed around noon yesterday, and when we went out for our walk at 10:30 this morning I could still smell it. Since Lewis is inclined to put everything in his mouth, especially things he picks up from the ground, I am pretty hesitant to take him out to eat whatever chemicals it is that they are spraying. (The notice we got about it says it is Fertilizer 12-0-3 with Evade and Mec-Amine-D Broadleaf weed control. Doesn’t sound like anything tasty.) I’m not really sure how long the pesticides linger, our how many days it is best to stay off the grass. What we really need is a good rain to wash everything down.

Luckily we have some alternative options for where to play. There are no parks nearby, but the town hall and library are both a 5 minute walk away, and across the street from each other.

The lawn in front of the town hall.

The lawn in front of the town hall.

The town hall has a lovely big lawn with trees and a big gazebo. In front of the library is a small garden with some grass, shrubs, flowers, benches, etc. Behind the library is a short nature trail/wooden path through a swampy area. We’ve taken the stroller through there once and Lewis enjoyed looking up at the trees and tall grasses and such. So, that’s three easy options I can think off, plus our usual walks with the stroller. I think we will go check out the town hall lawn this afternoon/evening.

I don’t know whether they spray pesticides at the library and town hall, so we will keep an eye out for the yellow flags ( and the smell!) I am guessing they probably do at the town hall but maybe not at the library since it is only a very small area of grass there. We will just have to pay attention, and maybe get a little creative with when and where we play outside. Soon the pool will be opening and that will give us another option for outdoor activity. I hope Lewis likes playing in the water!

4 thoughts on “Pesky Pesticides

    • It is a big property management company that owns a bunch of apartment-complex locations, so I don’t think the complaint of one renter would have much effect, unfortunately. I’ll just have to keep Lewie off the grass for a couple days after each application and hope that is good enough. I’ve done some Googling and apparently the biggest risk comes from inhaling the fumes or absorbing the chemicals through your skin. Ick.

  1. Hello,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I linked to this post in my own post today about lawn chemicals–it was recommended to me by Zemanta for a related article as I was writing. (Your post appears in the “Related Articles” section at the bottom of this post:

    Even though those little lawn signs say keep off the grass for 24 hours, you’re right to avoid it for longer–MUCH longer! Although, unfortunately, those awful pesticides get into our air and water anyway. *sigh*

    Happy to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more from you.


    • Thanks for the link Joy! I enjoyed reading your article and getting more info about this issue. I hate how little control we have over this since we are renting from a large impersonal company.Ugh.

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