Baby Reads

Lewis has been getting more into reading recently. We went through a phase a month or two ago where he did not want to sit for stories at all, even for a few minutes. We’re past that and now he seems to enjoy reading his favorite books and will even sit for up to 20 minutes listening to us read, which is a long time for any activity at this point!

One of his recent interests is in Books With Holes. He is fascinated by pages with any kind of holes cut out. It can make actually reading a full story difficult since he may want to stay on the page with the cut out, turning it back and forth and studying it, and feeling it with his fingers. But who cares if we finish a story? If he wants to turn one page and pay attention to the holes and pictures there that is still expressing an interest in books and learning to enjoy reading. I think the interest started with the vtech Storytime Rhymes book which he got as a Christmas present from some of our friends. This book is out in his play area and he will sit for several minutes trying to figure out the holes in it, which is great when Mommy needs to get things done!

We have several other books with holes we have been sharing with him, some from our collection and some we borrowed from the library. These include: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Board Book) by Eric Carle has many little holes in all the foods the caterpillar eats. In Things That Go – Lift the flap by Hinkler the flap with the rocket ship is round and has a small hole in it. Pajama Time and Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton both have cut-outs in the front cover. In My Tree by Lorena Siminovich and Sara Gillingham has cut-outs all the way through with the added bonus of the owl finger puppet peaking through.

in-my-tree-2-lgOften when we are reading with Lewis we are the ones to choose the stories. We keep a stack of ten-ish books in his play area and another stack by the rocking chair where we read bedtime stories, and we usually refresh these piles periodically. The ones by his rocking chair get switched out weekly, the ones in the play area a little less often. When we want to sit and read we will sit by one of these piles and choose from these books. Since we are reading the same books over and over it gives him a chance to become familiar with the stories and recognize the books. Repetition is great for baby’s learning.

I’ve noticed that he has some favorites and if I pay attention to his cues he will actually request certain books. This is especially true of his books in the play area since these are more accessible and spread out on his level rather than just in a stack to the side. If we sit near his books or if I lay 3 or 4 out near him he will look at them and then reach for the one he’d like to hear. Recently he has been choosing Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, and the Sesame Beginnings books Bubbles Bubbles and At The Zoo which we got from the Target dollar bins. (We have Nighty-Night too, but he’s not really into that one.)

I love books and reading, so it is great to see him showing so much interest in books recently!


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