Library Time

We went to our story time/play time group at the library again today. We are starting to get to know some of the other mommies and babies a bit more which is nice. There are usually about ten babies there and we have a circle of cushions to sit on while the librarian reads stories and sings songs with us. (Mommy participation is required for the songs.) Some of the older babies get up and crawl or walk around the room for this part, or when they get extra excited about something in a book or song or whatever. So far Lewis hasn’t wandered away from me although he does stand more than sit and makes some attempts to get me to walk around with him, he doesn’t seem too bothered that I am just sitting in one place and not moving with him.

For the most part he doesn’t notice or care what is going on with the books and songs. He is more focused on watching the other babies and seeing what everyone else is up to, especially his friend Aaron who usually has a container of Puffs to snack on to help him stay sitting. I’m a little surprised that Lewis hasn’t been brave enough to crawl over and try to steal any yet, since he loves those and Aaron is often sitting next to us with them.

When stories are done the librarian gets out a basket of toys. Lewis recognizes this transition now and starts to get excited when it is play time. Sometimes he lets out a happy shout. Usually he leads me over to the basket to pick out a toy, not content to wait for the librarian to bring him a random toy.

Today we picked some toys and sat and played for a bit near our friends, but Lewis was restless and not really into the toys. He ended up leading me around walking and eventually to the doors of the room where he sat and happily played with the doorstops and locking mechanisms. As usual, he thinks that the best “toys” are the things that aren’t really toys.

We texted Daddy a photo of the fun "toy" we found.

We texted Daddy a photo of the fun “toy” we found.

We were up early this morning and Lewis had a nap before going to the library, which rarely happens. Since he was in a good mood and not needing a nap or milk or anything we decided to go pick out some books when play time was done. The other babies and mommies all left and we ended up with the children’s section all to ourselves. (It is a tiny library and not usually very busy.) Lewis was crawling all around and getting into the toys over there while I picked out a couple books to bring home. He even let out some happy/excited shouts! I guess he liked having a new place to explore all to himself. Usually he is a little shy during play time and will make a bit of noise and lead me around but he doesn’t get brave enough to crawl around on his own or make a lot of noise. We’ll have to bring Daddy to the library some Saturday and show him the fun toys and things that they have there.

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