“Is That Your Groceries Or Your Baby?” And Other Things People Say

When we were picking out our stroller, car seat, etc. we decided to go with a “travel system” where the car seat can also attach to the stroller for easier baby transport. When used like this it looks a bit different from your standard image of baby-in-stroller, especially when the shades are pulled up on both sides. I get a lot of people asking how old the baby is and such, but  I have also gotten some very interesting comments from people when pushing Lewis around like this.

Our first-ever walk with Lewis, when he was only a week old!

Our first-ever walk with Lewis, when he was only a week old!

  • Shopping at the mall a few weeks ago Lewis had fallen asleep in his stroller, so we closed up the top to shield him from the noise and busy-ness of the mall. We got into the elevator to go to the other floor and one of the people riding with us asked “Is there really anyone in there?” Umm, nope we left the baby with Grandma but just like pushing the empty stroller around for fun.
  • We live close by to the high school, and our afternoon walks often coincide with school letting out which means walking past high school students on the sidewalk. One day we walked past a big group of kids coming the other direction. One girl looked at the stroller and said “What a cute baby!” The top was completely closed and no way she could have seen Lewis at all.
  • Another day we were out walking and there were three people walking towards us on the sidewalk. The top of the stroller was open, but from their angle you couldn’t really see into it. As they got closer the third woman asked “Is that your groceries or your baby?” I kind of gave a half-laugh and answered “My baby.” As she came around to where she could see him she was like “Oh yes it is! What a cutie!”
  • Lewis often falls asleep in his stroller, and I tend to time our walks for when we are getting close to nap time since he likes to sleep there. On two different occasions I have had women comment on how they wish that they could just sleep in a stroller like that while someone pushed them around. I love the mental image of a giant adult-sized stroller and car seat combo!

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