When Lewis has bath time I start off by laying a towel on the bathroom floor. I get him undressed on the changing table, then set him on the towel for some naked fresh-air time while I get everything else ready. I gather his washcloth, bath toys, clothes + diaper for afterwards and anything else we might need. The last thing I do is bring his whale tub into the bathroom and fill it with water.

Today at bath time he was playing on his towel, crawling around the bathroom floor and I had most of his other things ready. I went into the other room to get the whale tub, and when I came back to the bathroom I found him splashing his hands in a puddle of pee on the tile floor. Good thing there were towels handy for clean-up!

I guess this is one of those situations where you just have to laugh about it. I’m sure we’ll have plenty more “fun” pee incidents in the future!

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