Adventures In Teeth Photography

Last Sunday when my parents were visiting I noticed that Lewis’ gum was looking a bit swollen and my mother agreed that it looked like he would soon be getting a tooth. Tuesday I started to feel the sharp little point of it, Wednesday I could just barely begin to see the white edge of it poking through, and Thursday I realized it felt like two teeth coming in at once. I’ve been impressed with how calm and un-bothered Lewis seems by this. He’s been acting pretty much his usual self during the day and has no interest in teethers or frozen things to chew on. There have been a couple of night times and nap times where it seems like the teeth are making it harder for him to relax and fall asleep, and he has been waking a bit more than usual the past two nights, but it doesn’t seem like the painful horror I had imagined.

I’m very excited about his tiny little teeth, and when I first realized they were coming in I was constantly trying to feel them and get a look at them. He hated this and would push my finger out of his mouth with his tongue whenever I tried to feel them. I also have been trying very hard to get a good photo of them. He is so sqiuggly-wiggly and doesn’t want to hold still for a zoomed in photo of his mouth, plus he wants to grab the camera if I get close to him, so this has been a very tricky endeavor. I recruited Chris to try to help me but the camera batteries died after only a few shots.

We got some real gems of photos:


He was trying to eat the lens cap.


What a mean mommy prying his mouth open!

This one is surprisingly in focus compared to most of the others, but still no visible teeth:


Beautiful blue eyes.

And finally, a couple where you can actually see the little white buds of the teeth. (Click the photos to enlarge.)


Love my happy boy. ❤

Grabbing for the camera.

Grabbing for the camera.

Chris says that when the teeth come in a bit more he will be an upside-down beaver.

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