Baby’s Day Out

For Christmas my in-laws (still feels strange to say/type that) gave Chris and I a couple of gift cards to Red Lobster. I love seafood and Chris loves their cheddar biscuits, so, yum! The only down side is that I don’t take Lewis out a lot and I’m always a little nervous about how he will do in new situations. The only ‘restaurants’ he has been to have been the Chinese restaurant at Christmas time, and I think Taco Bell and Chipotle since then. The Red Lobster always seems super busy when we have gone, since we usually are there on a weekend and in the middle of the day. There have been times when we had to drive around in a circle to find a parking space, and there is often a wait for a table. I was feeling pretty anxious at the idea of bringing him there with it so busy, since he is so bad at sitting still for any period of time at home, and also nervous of anyone who is not Mommy and Daddy. Chris keeps bringing up the gift cards and I keep delaying going because I was worried about how it would play out.

This weekend we were going to the mall for a few things, which happens to be in the area of Red Lobster. We first thought about just getting take-out from them or possibly waiting to go another time even though it made so much sense to go today. Finally we came up with the plan to go soon after when they open, hoping it wouldn’t be to busy yet. Lewis had a nap right before we headed out, and was in a great mood for the 20 minute car ride. We got to the restaurant about 15 minutes after they opened and the parking lot was nearly empty. It was nice and quiet and empty inside, exactly as I was hoping for.

They got us a high chair and brought us to a table off to one side where the tables were all empty. Everyone else coming in was seated on the other side of the restaurant. It was obvious that they were kind of segregating us due to the baby, but not in any kind of negative way and I think it did make it easier for us and probably for them. Our waitress was very friendly with Lewis and one of the other waitresses came over and commented on how cute he was. Lewis was great and stayed happy the whole time. He spent a while hanging out with Daddy and then sat with me for a bit while we ate our salads. (He swiped a crouton from my bowl and nommed the whole thing.) When our food came he sat in the big-boy high chair and had some broccoli from Chris’ plate and some Cheerios we had brought. Most of it ended up on the floor but he stayed happy and busy long enough for us to enjoy our lunch and not feel rushed at all.

Didn't bring the camera along today but I snapped a blurry cell phone picture of him at Red Lobster.

Didn’t bring the camera along today but I snapped a blurry cell phone picture of him at Red Lobster.

Every time I have anxiety about taking him somewhere or doing something with him it ends up turning out fine and he does great. I guess I just need to have more faith in him that he can handle situations!

After our successful lunch out we headed over to the mall for our shopping. First stop was the maternity store to look for nursing bras. Lewis and Daddy played in the little play area they have there while I tried things on. He had fun playing with the bead roller coaster thingy spinning the beads around, looking at the TV, and the sparkly chandelier hanging in the shop. The store clerks all admired him and commented on how strong he was and how cute. Next up was the shoe store where Lewis started getting very sleepy. We retreated to the “family bathroom” to nurse. It is a surprisingly nice space with a room with four comfy chairs, a changing table, and a small table and chairs and then a separate room with a toilet and sink. The perfect quiet semi-private area to nurse a sleepy baby and get him to sleep in the stroller. Once he was sleeping we returned to our shopping. We visited a few more stores and I was very happy to find some great shorts on sale, since all my pre-pregnancy shorts are still too tight and we’re getting close to shorts weather. After the mall we drove across the street to JoAnn Fabric’s for a few things and Chris sat in the car with a sleeping Lewis while I went in and shopped. Lewis slept two hours and didn’t wake up until we were almost home.

We completed our fun busy day with some play time outside after we got home. The grass was a bit damp again but Lewis and I took Daddy around and showed him where we have been playing during the week and where the rocks and trees and such are that we like to investigate.

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