Baking With Baby

I’ve been wanting to make cookies for a while, but never quite seem to find the time. There is always something more pressing to do, such as cook dinner or try to catch up with the mountains of dirty dishes that never seem to go away no matter how many we wash. Nap time rolled around yesterday and I realized I actually had a chance to do some baking. We were planning on leftovers for dinner, so no need to worry about that, and while there were still some dirty dishes around there was at least some free counter space to work with.

I pulled up my go-to cookie recipe and set to work. I like this recipe because it is so easy to modify it with whatever I happen to have on hand. The original has oats, walnuts, and cranberries, and I usually just throw in whatever nuts and dried fruit I happen to have on hand. I stuck with the walnuts and cranberries this time and also added in some chocolate chips. We didn’t have any butter so I subbed in coconut oil instead. There was a coconut smell while they baked but I don’t taste it in the finished cookies.

Lewis often only likes to nap for half an hour, and he woke as I was just adding in the last of the ingredients. I decided to try to finish the cookies, so I gave him a handful of oats in a small mixing bowl for him to explore. I’ve been planning to do oats in a sensory bin for him anyway, so this was kind of like a mini test run.

He had to wave "hi" when he saw the camera come out. :)

He had to wave “hi” when he saw the camera come out. 🙂

He enjoyed tasting the oats, picking them up in handfuls and dropping them back in the bowl, and of course eventually dumping them all over the floor. I knew this would be messy when I gave it to him, but since I was already planning to vacuum his play space it wasn’t a big deal.

Once I got down on the floor near him he had to come crawling over to me.

Once I got down on the floor near him he had to come crawling over to me.

The cookies turned out yummy as always! I kept some for us and put some in a package to mail my little sister at college. All college students need cookies to help with studying.





3 thoughts on “Baking With Baby

    • Chris says I ruined the surprise by posting it. The post office said they should get there today, but idk how long it takes your college to sort the mail and get it to you or whatever. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

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