Lewis and I are very excited that lovely warm spring weather is finally undeniably here. We’ve been going for more walks and have also managed to go outside to play twice this week. (Unfortunately wind and rain is predicted for the next couple of days, but we’ll focus on the beautiful sunny warm days instead.) It’s been mostly in the 50s with a few days getting up into the 60s and tomorrow is even predicted to reach 70! So nice to be able to just put on a sweater and a sun hat and not worry about being chilly. (I still need to get some baby sunscreen for Lewis, but the sunhat is keeping him protected enough for now. Target only had the spray kind which I dislike and Shoprite only has one brand so I decided to hold of on it to see if I can find more options at CVS or somewhere.)

On Monday we went out for half an hour and I decided to leave the camera behind for once and just focus on spending time with my little one. We sat in the warm sunny grass for a while singing songs and practicing our clapping. Lewis thought about going onto his tummy to crawl over to me, but decided the grass was too weird (although he was perfectly happy to sit in it and feel it with his hands.) I stood him up to see if he wanted to walk around but he was still weirded out by the grass, so I picked him up instead. We walked around for a while feeling the branches and bark on different trees and bushes, and took a look over the fence at the swimming pool which he seemed quite interested in. We then found an area with some rocks the perfect size for little hands. Big and easy to grip, but not so big as to be too heavy. We sat there for a while and Lewis enjoyed tasting a few of the rocks and banging them together. He’s been working hard at practicing his clapping and this has extended into taking a toy in each hand to bang or “clap” against each other. Once he got bored of the rocks we wandered back to the apartment.

Yesterday we went to the library in the morning and had fun with the other babies. We went for a walk after that and Lewis had a nap in his stroller. In the afternoon I took him outside to play since it was so nice out. Unfortunately the grass was damp from rain the previous night, but we found some dry places to play and I walked around holding him to explore the trees and pool area again.

I thought he'd look cute sitting on a bench. He thought maybe he could dive over the edge of it.

I thought he’d look cute sitting on a bench. He thought maybe he could dive over the edge of it.

He used his baby radar to hone in on any nearby dirt.

He used his baby radar to hone in on any nearby dirt.



He didn’t want to come back inside yesterday. We are definitely looking forward to more beautiful weather and more outdoor adventures!



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