Trying New Foods

Lewis has been very interested in foods for a few months now, always trying to grab whatever I am eating, and we have given him his own food to try since he was 5 months old. Most days now he gets something at lunch time with me and something at dinner with me and Chris. We do a lot of fruits and veggies and sometimes it seems like he gets the same things over and over since we always have apples, carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, and a few other “staples” in the kitchen. I try to mix it up as much as possible and give him a couple new flavors to try each week. When I saw that cantaloupes were on sale this week I thought that sounded like a good one for him.

We got home from walking to the store this afternoon I put the groceries away and then we started playing and whatever. A little while later I was sitting at the table holding him and he started getting all excited, focused on something in the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen with him, following his line of sight, and eventually realized he was focused on the cantaloupe sitting on the counter! I took it down and let him explore it, since there is no reason not to let him roll a cantaloupe around the floor. Makes me think I should get him an orange and grapefruit out of the fridge to explore at some point too.

He has been practicing waving “hi” and also clapping his hands, so I was pretty excited when he waved hi to me at the start of the video with only the prompt of me having said hi to him. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Trying New Foods

    • Thank you Diane, you are always looking out for us! When I thought of giving him an orange or grapefruit to explore I did think I would wash it because of pesticides and all that, but I had forgotten the salmonella risk with cantaloupes.

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