Rotational Baby

Lewis has always hated lying down, both on back or stomach. He learned to sit up without support at 4 1/2 months and ever since then has been doing almost all his playing in a sitting position. I only ever put him on his back for sleeping or diaper changes, because he refuses to play in that position and will just cry. We did tummy time a couple times a day when he was younger, but he was never happy about it. Now that he is crawling I never place him on his stomach anymore. I set him down to play sitting and he purposefully goes onto his stomach when he is trying to get to something he wants.

Since he hates lying down and does as little of it as possible he never has shown much inclination to roll himself over. He rolled front-to-back a few times around 3 months, but since he hates being on his back he has never done this willingly or intentionally although I know he could if he wanted to. He also rolled back to front once a while ago, but hasn’t shown any interest since then. Until yesterday morning when he was lying in bed with me and decided he was done lying on his back. Flip. Over he went onto his stomach with no problem. I put him back on his back and he immediately went back to his belly. He did it again when he woke up from one of his naps yesterday, and again this morning after he woke up. When I put him in his crib to nap today he woke slightly, rolled over, and settled back to sleep.


He is so strong and learning so many new skills daily! I guess my mornings of leaving him lying in bed while I brush my teeth and get dressed are gone since I can no longer trust that he will stay un-moving on his back. He loves to straight for the edge of the bed or couch and try to dive over, so we’re going to have to be very careful with where we leave him from now on since he can get from any position onto his tummy and just head off wherever he’d like to go! I’m very excited for him and love watching him grow a little more independent.

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