Sick Baby

Our little Lewis officially has his first cold. 😦 It started with a bit of a cough Thursday and Friday last week, and then Friday night he started sounding a bit congested and had a harder than usual time sleeping. His runny nose continued getting worse over the course of the day Saturday, and is still very runny/stuffy today.

He’s been generally in a fairly good mood still, playing like normal. Today he is starting to seem a little more unhappy with it. Still playing, but ending up in tears from the tiniest upset or frustration. The hardest has been nursing and sleeping since those are both difficult when you can’t breath through your nose. He started out in his crib both Sat. and Sun. nights but both nights only slept 20 minutes before waking up and not being able to settle again. Saturday night I slept on the reclining seat on the couch with him, since I figured it would be better for him to be more upright. I think we both had a little trouble getting comfortable there and neither of us slept as well as I hoped, so last night I just let him sleep in our bed for the whole night (the first time we have done that.) I will probably continue with that as long as has bad stuffy nose lasts. We have two humidifiers going and I’ve been using a snot sucker thing on him but he hates that. I know letting him get used to sleeping in our bed might make things hard when we go back to crib sleeping, but I just want him to be comfortable and get the best sleep possible for now to get over this cold!


He’s needing a little extra loving and attention right now, so I may not get any more posts written for a few days. I hope this passes quickly!

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