Sensory Bottles, revisited

Alright, so I obviously had a severe case of Mommy Brain when I wrote my post on sensory bottles the other day! I managed to forget a couple of the things that I had been planning to mention in that post. I blame the fact that I am always trying to write these posts a few sentences at a time whenever Lewis lets me, or trying to fit in a whole post during one of his few-and-far-between half hour naps that he takes in a day.

So, the first thing I realized I forgot to share was this variation on sensory bottles. Sensory boxes from the Little Moments blog. This is a really great example of using what you have. She didn’t have bottles so she used little plastic boxes she already had, and they turned out awesome! I love that they are stackable.

I also really like her point about these being a great way to let baby “explore” some materials that aren’t safe for him to actually play with yet. That was part of my thought with the pom pom bottle I made Lewis. He can’t play with pom poms yet because I know he would just pop them straight in his mouth, but maybe he would like to look at them. Turns out this bottle is too boring for him, but maybe he would like it better if I took some of the pom poms back out so they had some movement in the bottle.

The other thing I meant to mention on my first post that slipped my mind was how perfect these are to pack in a diaper bag to keep busy in the waiting room or on a car ride. If you use small boxes or mini water bottles you could easily fit a couple in a corner of your bag to take along. And since they are so easy to make and have so many different options for filling them it is easy to keep them fresh and interesting.

Well, hopefully my Mommy Brain won’t get the best of me too often and I won’t have to keep writing second posts just to add something I’ve forgotten!

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