Baby Lap Time

Lewis and I went to our first “Baby Lap Time” at the library today! It went pretty well, despite the fact that it is at 11:15 am, which is often nap time for us. I could tell Lewis was starting to get tired as we were getting ready to leave the house, but he wasn’t too cranky and managed not to fall asleep in his stroller on the quick walk to the library.

The toddler story time seemed to be just ending as there were toddlers leaving and they had us gather in the kid’s section of the library until they were ready to have us come back to the community room or whatever it is called. The class is for birth through two years, so there was a pretty wide range of babies there. Lewis seemed to be one of the youngest. There were 15 kids and about 1/3 of them were walking plus a few crawlers.

I liked the format of it and the librarian who does it. She alternated between stories and interactive songs and had a couple teddy bears and a puppet to help with things. She also had no problem with the walkers and crawlers getting up and wandering around or coming up to her. There was one little girl who kept going up and handing her the fish puppet from under her chair and she would just say “Oh a fish, thank you.” and set it down to continue with her story.

The stories/songs lasted about 15 or 20 minutes and then she got out a big basket of toys and it was play time. We stayed for maybe 15 minutes of this and were the first to leave, but by then Lewis was about ready to fall asleep in my arms so there was no point in staying.

Lewis did good sitting with me for the first part of it. After a while he started standing up and trying to pull me to walk around with him but I was able to keep him pretty calmly sitting with me until play time started, when I did get up and let him lead me around to explore.

It would have been nice if at the start she had us go around the circle and do some kind of intro, maybe say the age of our baby or whatever. It seemed like most of the people (or at least the ones I chatted with briefly) hadn’t been before. I talked with a couple other mommies while we were waiting for it to start and during play time when Lewis was leading me around, but didn’t really get into conversation with anyone since he was on the move. It was interesting to see how some of the babies were up and moving the whole time while others sat quietly with their mamas even through the play time.

It definitely felt like we left “early” but it seemed best to leave and let Lewis have the nap he needed. I’m looking forward to going again, and I hope he continues to do as well with it. It is the same group of people for the whole session (2 months? I’m not sure.) so it seems like we will have a chance to get to know some of the other mommies and babies a little better.

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