Busy Baby

Lewis is determined to be on the move. He’s always hated laying down and being still. He is currently working very hard at trying to figure out crawling, as well as practicing standing and walking around with support. He will spend a whole day dragging me and Chris around the apartment supporting him under his armpits or holding his hands. I don’t have a video of that yet, but I wanted to share these. The first I already posted to Facebook, but figured I would share here as well.


Sorry about this one being sideways. I wanted to get his full standing within the frame but still stick close by in case he took a big fall. He is fascinated with his stroller recently and often leads me over to check it out. He uses it as support to stand (with the wheels locked), explores the different fabric textures, and plays with the straps and the wheels. Which reminds me I have a video of him spinning the wheels on it, but that will have to wait for another post.


And here he is working on getting into that standing position himself, although he always tries on things that are a little too short.


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