A Day With Daddy

Chris stayed home today, so Lewis and I got the unexpected treat of an extra day with Daddy. We’re all still adjusting to the new sleep routines, and Lewis woke a lot more last night than he had the first two nights. He still did a great job settling back into his crib and falling back to sleep with only a little fussing each time, but we were up 5 or 6 times instead of the “usual” 3, so we all got a little less sleep. The extra tiredness on top of an upset tummy was enough to keep Chris home and resting, but we still got to enjoy his company.

We are doing Baby Led Weaning with Lewis, and today he got to try a new food: yogurt! He loved it and got super excited each time I loaded up the spoon and handed it back to him. So far his three favorites have been roasted beets, bananas, and now yogurt. 🙂



We also decided to go for a little walk this afternoon since it seemed nice-ish out. Chilly but not too windy. Lewis is getting bigger and bigger and will soon be outgrowing his infant seat, so we decided to try him in the stroller without it. 


Riding in the stroller like a big boy.

He seemed perfectly happy to ride like this (once we got him in and the straps adjusted.) He was very quiet the whole walk, just looking all around and taking in all the new sights. I will probably still use the infant seat some of the time if he seems extra tired or if it is sunny and I want to be able to close the top completely over him, but it is good to know that he is happy to ride either way.

Tomorrow we will be back to our usual routines with Chris at work. We’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight, which means no walks tomorrow, so we will have to get creative to find some fun ways to keep busy.

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