Fresh air and … clouds?

We’ve been having some lovely warm weather the past few days and as I mentioned in my previous post I have been itching to get outside with Lewis. But although the temperature has been “warm” (in the 40s) there is still some snow on the ground and where there isn’t snow there is soggy wet muddy grass from the melting snow.

I also have been hesitant to bring Lewis out into full sunshine. He’s 6 months old and I think he’s only been in full-on sun light for a few moments at a time. Even though it is weak winter sun, I’m still worried about his delicate baby skin. When he is in his stroller I can pull the cover up to shade him, but that wouldn’t be the case if we were playing on the ground. We have our 6 month appointment on Wednesday and I plan to ask the Dr. how much sun is ok, whether we should use sunscreen, etc. Yesterday I had noticed that the walkways in front of our apartment were dry and I thought how nice it would be to go sit out there, but the bright sun kept me from doing it. Today the temperature was even slightly warmer than yesterday, and the sky was overcast so no harmful sun to worry about. We ended up going out twice today. We went for a walk this morning because I need the exercise and we needed to pick up a few groceries. Then this afternoon I remembered the little gazebo that is out behind our apartments, which sounded even better than sitting on the walkway!

IMG_4592I brought out a blanket since I figured the floor of the gazebo would be chilly, and we sat there and enjoyed the fresh air and bird song. I had brought a few toys in the bag with us, but of course they weren’t needed when we had all of nature to entertain us. I found some dry leaves and let Lewis explore (and taste) them.IMG_4593 IMG_4600

He also inspected the colors of our blanket.

IMG_4606After we sat for a little while he decided he wanted to get up and look around more. He is rarely content to sit still for long. He has been working very hard to learn how to stand and walk with support. Silly baby doesn’t roll over or crawl yet but he is ready to walk! He prefers to be upright and on the move. If we let him he leads Chris and I around the apartment almost constantly. We support him by holding his hands or under his armpits, and he walks wherever he wants to go. He mostly just uses us for balance. I’ve been trying to get him to work on learning to balance himself while standing and leaning on something, and the benches/rails in the gazebo were just the right height!

Giving him some extra balance with my hand.

Giving him some extra balance with my hand.

Leaning on the rail and standing without help from Mommy!

Leaning on the rail and standing without help from Mommy!

We had a lovely time outside and stayed out for about fifteen minutes – just long enough to get chilly fingers and rosy cheeks and noses!  I look forward to many more fun excursions outside, and will be keeping an eye on the weather.


2 thoughts on “Fresh air and … clouds?

  1. Less sun gets through the clouds, but my ridiculously delicate skin has burned on a cloudy day too. It just takes more time.

    I love the little bear ears. ❤

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