Out with the old, in with the new.

Kid’s toys have a way of piling up and somehow always multiplying themselves. I remember for a while when we were kids my mom had a rule that if we wanted to buy a new toy we had to choose an old toy to get rid of. Lewis doesn’t have so many toys yet that this sort of rule is necessary, but it seemed to happen by accident today anyway.

He’s starting to interact with his toys in more ways beyond just “grab it and suck on it.” He’s been experimenting a lot with banging and shaking things, and seems to like exploring the different sounds that can be made with different objects. He also has been having fun with “big” toys that are a challenge for him to pick up and move around. So when Chris said that he wanted to go to Target (again) today I realized it was the perfect chance to look for some toys that fill these new play styles. My original idea was to get a xylophone type toy – something he could bang on and make different sounds, but I knew I wanted it to be an actual “instrument” and not just a toy with noisy buttons.

We walked up and down the baby and toy sections at Target and there were NO XYLOPHONES. (I thought that was a pretty standard childhood toy??) But there were lots and lots of noisy-button toys with flashing lights and robotic songs. Finally I found this toy, which is probably even better since it has various instruments in it and provides opportunities for both banging AND shaking. We got it out tonight when he seemed to be a little bored with his other toys, and he started exploring what he could do with it. He even banged on the drum with the drum sticks, which we tried to film but he had moved on to other play styles by the time we got the camera out. (The other play style being “I AM SO ADHD AND OMG MOMMY HAS SO MANY TOYS RIGHT HERE FOR ME! CANNOT FOCUS. MUST PLAY WITH EVERYTHING AT ONCE!”)

He is also trying to pull himself up on things, but they have to be at just the right height for him and most of what we have (couch, chairs, etc.) are too tall for him. But the drum is just the right height!

Anyway, to get back to my original train of thought: After our trip to Target we went on to get groceries, and apparently Lewis lost his binky while we were in the store. I was walking along pushing him in the stroller and heard someone coming up behind me saying “Miss! Excuse me, Miss!” so I turned around and she told me that someone had picked up an orange binky in an aisle behind us and she figured it was ours since she saw I had a baby, and then she said that she thought the person had brought it up to the costumer service desk. We continued our shopping and then I left Chris with the cart to check out while Lewis and I went to get the binky, but the people at the customer service desk hadn’t seen it.

Lewis has never been very attached to his binky anyway, so this was no great loss. He only had two to begin with, so we are down to one and once that is lost or broken then he will be done with binkies for good. He generally treats the binkies as just another of his toys, so now that “toy” is gone and he has some exciting new musical toys to take its place!

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