Sweet Surprises

Chris occasionally tries to surprise me with things, and I invariably end up ruining the surprise before he can complete his plans. Either I catch on that he is up to something, or I ask a question that unwittingly causes him to reveal what he is planning. For Valentine’s day he was thinking of surprising me with take-out from Joe’s Crab Shack but the night before I asked him what I should cook for Valentine’s dinner so he revealed his plan to me. But today he managed to actually surprise me by not telling me that he had the day off!

Lewis and I partially woke at the normal time to the usual activity of Chris showering and getting ready for work. Eventually he came in and kissed us both goodbye and I drifted back to sleep. After a while we woke again and were doing our usual lying in bed making baby-babble sounds at each other. Then I heard a sound out in the kitchen! I looked at my phone and confirmed that Chris should have been long gone to work, so my next thought was that either he was sick and he decided to call in or maybe maintenance was there for some reason, but I didn’t hear them come in and we didn’t need anything fixed anyway. So I got up, brushed my teeth, and peeked out, and sure enough there was Chris in the kitchen making waffles!

He’s been very busy with work recently, trying to get things finished up with a deadline that kept dragging on because new issues kept cropping up, and apparently the thing was finally finished this week and he decided yesterday to take today off. It was great for him to have an extra day off to “relax” (although he was pretty busy all day anyway) and nice for me to have some extra time to get things done. Lewis pretty much runs the show around here, and his edict requires at least one parent to be playing with and/or holding him at all times, which makes it hard to get certain things done during the day. He was in a super happy mood today and seemed completely thrilled to have so much time with Daddy.

We had a lovely relaxing but also productive day together, which included a trip to Target to buy storage bins.


I think we need more games.

Chris got himself a big bin, which he filled with all his xbox games. He counted. There are 98. His big project today was to begin rearranging his games and our movies in the living room. We are planning to move our cookbooks and such from one shelf to another to make space for toys in what will be Lewis’ little “play room” area, and the first step was making space by moving the xbox games. Lewis isn’t fully mobile yet, but it won’t be long so we’ve got to get to work on baby-proofing and getting things ready. For now his toys are in easily accessible baskets, as well as all over the floor, but we are working on getting them more organized for him.

One thought on “Sweet Surprises

  1. There is space in the box so of course he needs more games. Just like space on the book shelf means you need more books.

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